Hadaco Therapy

Hadaco Therapie





HADACO Therapy supports and accompanies people of all ages that are limited in their mobility or threatened with constraints. It fosters fine motor skills, fast reaction and concentration by playing. 

The concept

HADACO Therapy is a version of the parlour/skill game HADACO tailored for persons with particular needs. It is essential that the game is designed for two players only. Before starting the game, the surface is prepared together using pins with different surfaces to stimulate the sensitivity of the player. Only then, the course of the game is worked out step by step. 


The aim of the game is to land a small steel ball in one of the opponent’s three gates using a little hammer and, at the same time, to defend one’s own gates with full energy. Thus playing the game, motor skills, skilfulness, fast reaction and concentration can be developed especially with mentally and/or physically disabled persons of all ages.



HADACO Therapy has been released on March 19th, 2015 at the Therapie Leipzig Trade Fair.

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